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Variable-Speed Heat Pumps

A variable-speed heat pump can slash utility bills and give your home seamless indoor comfort in Goodfield, IL.

What Are Variable-Speed Heat Pumps?

These systems have longer run times and slower running speeds than traditional systems. They run at full capacity to reach the desired temperature. Then, they run at slower speeds to keep their output steady. Variable-speed systems may run constantly. However, they use less power to maintain a steady temperature than traditional systems that cycle on and off.

What Are Variable-Speed Compressors?

The compressor is the nuts and bolts of your heat pump. Traditional compressors run at high speed or not at all. Variable-speed compressors run at capacities between 30 and 100 percent depending on real-time temperatures in your home.

What Are Variable-Speed Blowers?

These blowers can run at a broad range of speeds. These self-adjusting units can modulate and fine-tune airflow to create a highly comfortable environment. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy tells us that variable-speed blower motors running all the time at 50 percent speed consume up to 75 percent less power than single-speed blower motors that only run some of the time.

What Are Some Additional Benefits of Variable-Speed HVAC Systems?

  • Enhanced comfort. With longer and slower running times, variable speed blowers can maintain constant, gentle and even airflow throughout your home.
  • Cleaner air. With enhanced circulation, indoor air takes more trips through the air filter. The more filtration, the cleaner your air.

  • Lower humidity. The longer air is circulated through an HVAC system, the more moisture is removed. Too much humidity can cause mold, condensation, stained walls and ceilings, musty odors and rot.

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