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Sediment Buildup Issues


The water heater in your Bloomington, IL home makes almost every essential daily activity more convenient and comfortable. You probably don't spend much time thinking about your water heater, but this critical appliance requires some occasional maintenance to prevent common problems, such as sediment buildup. Without regular flushes, sediment buildup in your traditional water heater can lead to these serious issues.

Failed Heating Element

Calcium and magnesium are naturally occurring minerals that are present in water. When they crystallize, they form particles that sink to the bottom of your water heater's tank. This sediment buildup may cover the heating element. The layer of buildup interferes with the element's ability to transfer heat to the water. The element may overheat and burn out without regular flushing of the sediment buildup. Energy Saver recommends flushing at least one quart of water from the tank every three months.

Blocked Pipe

Sediment buildup may obstruct the supply pipe that delivers water to the heater's tank. The pressure resulting from the reduction of water flow could cause the pipe to burst. If sediment blocks the outlet pipe that delivers hot water to the faucets of your home, you'll notice a significant reduction in the supply of hot water when you shower, bathe, do laundry or wash your hands.

Premature Tank Failure

The minerals in hard water interact with the steel storage tank. Oxidation may occur, and this erodes the structural integrity of the tank. Over time, layers of the steel turn into rust and flake off. You'll start to notice rusty bits, particles, or an orange tinge to the hot water. If too much of the steel corrodes, the water tank could leak or crack. Leaking water heaters require a prompt replacement before they burst.

To learn more about how sediment buildup may ruin a traditional household water heater, take a look at Custom Air Company's water heater services, or reach out to our qualified service technicians today. 

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