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Have a Professional Check Your Furnace

A furnace's heat exchanger is the component responsible for delivering heat to the air. A problem with this part could lead to comfort and safety issues in your Bloomington, IL home. Here are four situations in which you'll need a professional to check it and perform furnace repairs.

Unusual Smells

Heat exchangers contain copper, aluminum, or stainless steel. If these metals crack, the heat from the combustion process will cause them to release unpleasant odors. You may notice a burning metallic smell or an odor of formaldehyde. If you notice any odors while your furnace performs a heating cycle, you'll need a professional to check the heat exchanger.

No Heat

When you hear the furnace click on, you should feel heated air blowing through your vents within a few seconds. If the air blowing out of the vents is room-temperature, have a professional check the heating exchanger. It could have a crack, loose seal, or burner problem impeding its ability to heat your home's air.

Soot or Ash Buildup

According to the Department of Energy, a dirty or cracked heat exchanger can lead to problems with the combustion process. The fuel may not burn cleanly, which will lead to soot and ash buildup. If you see buildup on the exchanger, you'll need prompt furnace repairs.

Unsafe Carbon Monoxide Level

Heat exchangers are contained within the combustion chamber. The exchanger must be free of cracks, and the chamber must have an airtight seal. A crack or seal failure could cause poisonous carbon monoxide gas to mix with your home's air. If your home's carbon monoxide detector shows an unsafe level of this colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas, immediately evacuate your home. This is an urgent situation that requires professional furnace repairs. 

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