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Preparing Your Furnace for Winter

It's always important to check that systems operate smoothly when seasons change. In this case, your furnace is the focus. Transitioning from cooling to heating should be just as simple as flipping the switch on the thermostat—but sometimes it's not. You won't want to discover that you need furnace repair during the first snow. Instead, you should proactively test your unit before using it. Here are some steps you can take:

Remove dust from your vents. Improper airflow to supply and return vents can increase energy usage and bill. For the best efficiency, check that nothing is blocking your vents and they are clean. If needed, you can vacuum the dust away.

Replace your air filter. Before running your furnace this winter, you should change your air filter. This will ensure clean and safe air is being provided to your home and prevent any clogging of the burners and other parts that dirty air filters can cause.

Check and clean the outdoor unit. Before running your heat, check the outside area around the condenser for things that may obstruct air flow, like leaves or sticks.

Add weatherstrips to necessary spots. For better heating efficiency this year, check your windows and doors for any areas where heat may escape. Adding weatherstripping to these spaces will ensure your heating system works as energy efficient as possible!

At Custom Air Company, our maintenance plans include services like air filter replacement and vent cleaning. Get ready for the Central Illinois cold season by taking care of all your furnace repair needs by calling us at (309)828-8281

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