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How to Handle Humidity


When it's hot outside, we first turn to the air conditioner. But have you checked your home's humidity lately? Alarmingly high humidity is unpleasant, but it's not just your comfort that's at risk. In Central Illinois, the ideal humidity level is 45-55%. The Illinois Department of Public Health considers anything above 60% unacceptable. These high humidity levels can be unhealthy because they foster mold growth, which activates allergies, and damages the interior of your home. So, how can you best deal with the inevitable humidity?

Get a digital hygrometer. These are inexpensive gauges that will monitor your home's humidity. By purchasing this and frequently checking it, you can ensure more awareness to determine if you need to act on your current level. If you need to decrease your humidity level, we suggest some of the steps below.

Invest in a dehumidifier. Air conditioning units do not extract all the moisture from the air, so it might be worth purchasing a dehumidifier. This unit can help you stay comfortable, avoid mold, and prevent damage to your beautiful house.

Use vent fans in bathrooms and kitchen. When you're taking a steamy shower after a long day, the fans in your bathroom will help draw out the heat from the air. Similarly, range hoods can help extract the droplets from boiling water or steam when cooking dinner in the kitchen. If you do not have these fans in your home, try to shower or cook at brisker times of the day. Perhaps consider meal prepping in the mornings when it's coolest or taking colder shower to reduce the amount of steam produced.

Hang clothes to dry outside. If you hang your clean laundry on a drying line, ensure it is outside because you don't want the moisture from the damp clothes to add to the air in your living space. Of course, that Central Illinois sunshine will dry them quickly too!

Welcome a houseplant. Several houseplants, such as ferns, spider plants, peace lilies, and orchids, absorb humidity. Brighten the room while controlling the moisture at the same time!

Check your air conditioning unit. If your humidity levels are still suboptimal, it's time to turn to your AC unit. For example, the coils may need cleaning for your unit to cool and dehumidify air properly. For air conditioning repair, contact Custom Air Company, and we'll handle your humidity for you! Whether your home is in Eureka, Clinton, Danvers, Downs, McLean, or Mackinaw, we proudly provide comfortable conditions to all our Central Illinois locations.

While humidity is only one cause of poor indoor air quality, there are many other properties of clean air. For all things air conditioning, call us at (309) 828-8281 so you and your family can enjoy the rest of the summer without worrying about humidity, allergens, and mold!

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