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Emergency Furnace Repair, Bloomington, IL


The cool, crisp autumn air offers a refreshing reprieve from summer's heat and humidity. However, it won't be long until the frigid winter arrives in Bloomington, IL. The last thing you'll want to deal with on a frigid winter morning is a broken furnace. If your heater isn't heating or shows other signs of problems, it's important to schedule emergency furnace repair services with a professional HVAC contractor.

Know the Signs of a Furnace Emergency

It's important to know which furnace problems are urgent and require an emergency repair. If your carbon monoxide detector sounds an alarm, this is an emergency. Evacuate your home and call for emergency furnace repair services once you're outdoors. Unusual odors or sounds also necessitate urgent furnace repairs. A burning, electrical, or sulfur odor is an emergency. Loud sounds, such as banging, grinding, or hissing, aren't normal and need to be checked out by a professional HVAC contractor.

Understand the Causes of Furnace Emergencies

According to the Department of Energy, many furnace emergencies are due to worn-out furnace parts. An annual inspection provides an opportunity to identify those parts and replace them before they fail. Some other causes of furnace emergencies include improper operation, incorrect installation, electrical problems, gas supply issues, and excessive wear and tear. However, a furnace part may break without warning, even if you do keep up with annual furnace maintenance visits.

Benefits of Emergency Furnace Repairs

A malfunctioning or broken furnace puts your health and safety at risk. For example, an obstructed flue allows carbon monoxide gas to seep into your home. This could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Furnace problems may also damage your home. An emergency furnace repair protects your health and safety and saves you money compared to the cost of a furnace replacement.

To learn more about emergency furnace repair services in Bloomington, take a look at Custom Air Company's heating repair services, or contact our professional HVAC contractors today. 

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